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Life is about making plans from which you deviate, almost always. If you are lucky, you do come up with a plan. Kenneth Branagh 


The original plan for the Florida trip was do visit the Upper Keys, starting from a charter base in the Miami area. In addition to the wonderful sailing and tropical setting of the keys, the trip would contribute to the local economy devastated by Hurricane Irma last September. Unfortunately, over a year later, the area is still trying to recover. Specifically, the charter base is nothing but broken and sunken docks.

The redesigned trip will still go to Florida, but instead depart from Ocean's Edge Resort and Marina, 5950 Peninsular Avenue in Key West. The goal is to sail to Dry Tortugas National Park, about seventy miles to the west,  first stopping at Marquesas Keys, about twenty miles northwest of Key West. This will shorten the distance to the Dry Tortugas considerably. The Park is most famous for Fort Jefferson, where Dr. Samuel Mudd (the doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth) was imprisoned.

Upper Keys Chart
As it will have been a long day traveling to the park, the next day will be a layover day. In addition to touring the fort, there are some wonderful snorkeling opportunities in crystal clear water around the reefs in the area, which host some incredible marine life. Then we will head back east to either the Marquesas, or Key West if the timing is right. Sometime mid-week there will also be a layover day for re-provisioning and decompressing. Additional destinations and ports of call will include sailing north along Hawk Channel towards Saddlebunch Keys and Cudjoe Key. Additional stops will depend on wind, weather, and attitude.

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The cost of this trip is $1,350.00 per person (Skippers and Trip Leader $713.00). This price covers charter fees, insurance, and three (3) nights slip fees. Provisioning, fuel, and other incidentals are additional and will be handled by each boat's crew. A $200.00 deposit and Release of Liability and Zero Tolerance Form must accompany your reservation form.

Please make your check payable to The Sailing Club, Inc. and mail it, along with your completed reservation and release forms, to Mary Ann Gordon at the address below. Reservations will be processed beginning May 28, 2018 with a random draw of those received by that date. All reservations received after that date are on a first come, first served basis. A second payment of $575.00 is due on August 1, 2018, and the final payment of $575.00 is due on November 1, 2018.

NOTE: A special cancellation policy applies for this trip. Any cancellation after November 2, 2018 will not be eligible for a refund, unless a replacement is found.

A pre-trip meeting will be held at a time and place to be announced. All crewmembers should make every effort to attend in order to meet your crewmates, plan your meals, and make travel plans.

Please note that sailing conditions are dynamic, that your safety, and that of your crewmates, depends on your good physical health and agility.

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Mary Ann Gordon                      
2714 Packer Court
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Bob Rainey                      
2006 South Branch Drive
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